Bow Windows 

Bow windows are a series of four or more adjoining window units installed on a radius from the wall of your home.

The units can be stationary, operating, or a combination of the two. Bow windows are the best windows for providing an expansive view outdoors. A window seat, breakfast nook or plant ledge can be situated at the base of your bow window for an added touch of sophistication. Troya’s bow windows are as lovely as the view they showcase. Our bow window styles can be custom designed around your personal preferences. We offer unique detailing, such as colonial styling and custom frame colors so your bow window looks stylish and contemporary.


Casement Windows 

A casement is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges.

Casement windows are a type of residential window that operates with a crank handle. They swing outward (like a door) to let air into your home, and are great for ventilation. Casement windows can open to the left or right depending on your preferences.



Awning Windows 

Awning windows open upward using a crank handle. They’re perfect for places in your home where you need ventilation but want to prevent rainwater from dripping into your home. If you’ve been considering awning windows for your window renovation, call Troya Windows & Doors to discuss how we can design ideal awning windows for you. Our expert sales representatives will help you. 



Bay Windows 

Bay windows typically consist of one large window between two double-hung or casement windows. Bay window designs are intended to showcase your view and often include decorative details. They extend past the wall of your home to create a nook so you can sit and comfortably enjoy the view outside. We want you to have a look our Bay Window models before make any decision…



Double Sliding Windows

Double sliding windows have a unique contemporary design. Unlike single sliding windows, which have one stationary sash and one sliding sash, double sliding windows have two sliding sashes. This allows you to partially open each side, or slide the panels completely to the left or right. Double sliding windows are the perfect window style for kitchen and bathrooms. 



Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a type of residential window that has two sashes which open up vertically outside your home. They can both be opened at once, or one at a time. We’re so confident in the quality of our double hung windows that every window comes with a lifetime warranty. You can customize your window size.



Single Hung Windows

Single hung vinyl windows open vertically (up and down). One sash is stationery, and the other slides and tilts into the room to allow for easy cleaning. Are you considering purchasing new windows for your home? Troya’s single hung windows can be customized to suit your tastes perfectly. You can also choose other glass features



Single Sliding Windows

Single slider windows are designed to slide smoothly on a horizontal track. The sash can be configured to move left or right based on your preferences. If you’re considering a horizontal sliding window style for your home, Troya can devise a custom window solution to build the new windows you’ve been imagining for your home.



Custom Shape Windows

Custom shape windows are made in unique sizes and shapes not available with other window styles. Custom shaped windows can be made in a variety of artistic configurations that incorporate curves, angles or both. Triangles, arches, half circles and polygons are all popular choices. We want your windows to closely mirror your personal style. Our custom shape windows design only limited with your imagination.


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