OX Slide Left

OX Slide Right

OXO-Slide Centre L or R

OXXO-Slide R and Slide L from Centre

Troya sliding patio doors offer a perfect combination of beauty, security and low-maintenance. Unlike hinged doors, sliding patio doors glide open and close with ease and take up less space, making them an ideal option when space is tight – and foot traffic is heavy.

Troya Single Slider (OX/XO) patio door is a classic patio door with traditional right-hand (OX) and left-hand (XO) configuration. With minor adjustment during installation, this system is reversible as a right-hand and left-hand configuration.

Sliding patio doors have large glass panes, which can flood your room with sunlight and provide unobstructed views to your outdoor space, by therefore creating an illusion of having a larger space. Sliding patio doors are easy and very convenient to operate. Sliding glass patio doors consist of two large glass door panels. One operable sliding sash glides easily along the track within the frame instead of swinging out of it, giving you more usable space on your patio and in your home. Because of this, they offer flexibility with furniture arrangements — giving you more usable space on your patio and in your home.